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Pasadena CA Heating Services

HVAC Xperts maintains, fixes and repairs all major heating appliances. From simple to difficult problems with your heating system, we can help. We fix convection heaters, radiant heaters and heat pumps, for all major brands and models. Our ever growing team of highly qualified expert technicians are on standby for any unforeseen problems you might get with your heating system.

Air Conditioning Services Pasadena

We have the expertise and experience needed to keep your home or office at the right temperature. We repair everything from split units to ducted systems, efficiently and at a low cost to you. With years of experience as air conditioning contractors, you can count on us for perfectly running appliances in Pasadena, CA.

Most of us spend over 60% of our time indoors. Controlling your indoor climate is an important part of your peace of mind. Uncomfortable temperatures could make you irritable or drowsy depending on the situation. Keep cool by contacting one of our advisers for a free quote.

Air Duct Cleaning

Due to the large amount of time we spend indoors, especially in the winter months, it makes sense to clean your air ducts before winter starts. Dirty or grimey air ducts can have severe health consequences if not cleaned out properly. After all, air ducts have the perfect conditions for bacteria and mold to thrive.

To improve your indoor air quality, contact us before the busy season starts and make sure you book your appointment today. Our team members work fast and efficiently to guarantee the air you breath is clean and safe.

Top 7 HVAC Repair & Maintenance Services

Air Filter Replacement

HVAC units are generally fairly durable and reliable but just as with any other machine, they sometimes do break down. Some problems can be addressed by yourself, but most issues will require professional attention. Based on what we've found through our long history in this business, we've listed the top 7 most common problems with heating and cooling systems.

  • Filters (Cleaning and Replacement).Your filter is what keeps dirt, dust, pollen and allergens out of your home every-time you turn on your heater or air conditioning system. As you can imagine, over time the air filter gets dirty and the quality of the air you breathe suffers accordingly.

    Some filters will need replacement and other systems have the type of air filter you can clean and put back in. Most homeowners forget to clean out their air filters regularly, which can reduce air flow, forcing the unit to work harder or beyond the operational standard and this can lead to undue wear and tear of your unit.
  • Air Filter Replacement

  • Gas Valves. Gas valves control the amount of gas that gets pumped into the system to heat up your home.

    When the valve is located outside or is exposed to the weather it will invariable get affected by the environment.

    A gas valve replacement is not something that you want to tinker with yourself. Call one of our qualified technicians to come over and have a look. Especially when you have one of the new electronic valves, you need a qualified technician to replace or repair it.

  • Thermostat adjustments
  • Thermostat. With the great strides taking place in technology, controllers and thermostats have evolved so much that they often end up confusing end users.

    These devices are designed to automatically regulate the indoor temperature settings and a slight maladjustment could cause you a lot of extra money every month.

    It is very common for homeowners to think that their thermostat is defective, while it's just a wrong setting. It is a good idea to have our technician program your thermostat and have him or her show you how to change settings.

  • Blown Fuses. Fuses are usually located in the evaporator coil or in that general vicinity. Fuses are there to help prevent your motor or your compressor from overheating. In older systems this is one of the first areas that needs checking.

  • Drainage problems
  • Clogged Drains. Most units have a drainage system to get rid of water overflow from condensation.

    Drain pans need to be cleared regularly to avoid corrosion and blockage in the pipes. Cleaning drains is best left to an HVAC repair professional to avoid any costly mistakes.

    Failure to clear out your drain, may lead to backflow causing your system to work harder than it was intended to and ultimately lead to a complete break-down.

  • Refrigerant Leaks. If your ac system is blowing hot or warm air instead of cold air, there is a good chance your system is leaking refrigerant. The leak is usually fond in one of two places. It's either leaking from the condensor or from the evaporator or in rare circumstances from both.

    Whichever the case may be, this needs to be fixed immediately. It is generally not a good idea to attempt this yourself unless you are a qualified HVAC technician. In many cases these type of leaks may require the part to be replaced as fixing is not always an option.

  • Air Conditioning Compressor Replacement
  • Compressor. One of the most important parts of any air conditioning system is the compressor. This unit is in constant operation when your system is turned on and needs to be properly lubricated by the refrigirant.

    If refrigerant levels drop too low, it will cause more friction and wear to the compressor. Our expert technicians will inspect your compressor and refrigirant levels with every service.

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