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If you are looking for an affordable heating unit for your household, which is easily installed and reduces the energy bill significantly, then maybe you should give under floor heating systems a try.

There are three separate types of these systems and if you want to learn more about them do read through the rest of this text. To begin with, there are 3 main types of underfloor heaters. Each system has it's own strengths and weaknesses.

Three Types of Underfloor Heating

In the following paragraphs, we'll give you a description of each main type.

Wired Electric Underfloor Heating

Wired electronic under-floor hearting systems produce heat with the help of electrically conductive cables or wires which are set throughout the entire room, right beneath the floor tiles or boarding. This type of system is controlled by several thermostats, each unique for a separate room in the household.

The system works on a very simple method, namely, as power runs through the cables, heat is being produced, and thanks to the laws of physics, it slowly starts moving upwards, keeping the floor warm and gradually warming the air in the entire room. What is more, wired electric under-floor heating systems can also appear in the form of electrical mats, making it an even more practical and easily installed heating source.

Forced Air Underfloor Heating

This type of heating system dates back to Ancient Roman times. Similarly to the previous type of system, it has its components installed right beneath the floor, but instead of cables it uses ducts which circulate beneath the floor and are connected to a boiler or furnace. This system runs on either oil or natural gas, which run through the ducts and are released through vents, which are previously installed within the room.

This entire process results in the creation of forced air which is the fastest way to deliver heat. Depending on the flooring, forced air heating systems can come in two different variants, namely, they can produce heat via either convection or conduction. The only thing to keep in mind that the only drawback of this type of heating is that it is not the most energy efficient way to heat your place.

Hydro Underfloor Heating

hydronic radiant floor heating

As the previous two types of underfloor heating system, Hydro underfloor heating also has its components installed beneath the floor. It uses a system composed of a series of metal pipes which are connected to a boiler, from where heated water is produced and runs through the pipes all the time.

Heat is released through the floor with the help of radiation and this way of heating is way more preferable to traditional central heating systems which radiate heat from sideways, as this way not only the floor is always warm, but also heat is evenly distributed throughout all parts of the room. The system is easy to install both in already existent and new constructions.

Underfloor Heating Film

Being a relatively new concept, underfloor heating film seems to be constantly rising in popularity as a more convenient alternative for the traditional hot-water and oil heating methods. Once you learn how under-floor heating film works, you will understand why this system is more preferable to other traditional heating options.

The process of installing underfloor heating film system comes in several steps, the first one being the application of both carbon and then silver paste. The first one functions as an electricity conductor, and the crucial thing in this step is to apply the pastes while the film is hot.

The PET film is the central segment of this system of underfloor heating and it has to be combined with copper foil so that it can be used as an electrode. Even though this type of underfloor heating is relatively new, it has already been tested and proved to be eco-friendly and environmentally safe for use.

underfloor heating carbon heating film

If you want to make the most out of underfloor heating film systems, it is crucial that you decide to use PET material rather than other alternatives. The reason why it is so popular is because it has a low thermal contraction rate and it can be used as an electric insulation material.

This material is also long-lasting due to its flexibility and strength. PET material components have been tested against different types of chemical reactions and have proven their durability and resistance.

Yet another reason to use underfloor heating film is its cost-efficiency. This is thanks to the low price for installation, compared to traditional heating systems, and in addition to that this system saves noticeable amounts of energy. With underfloor heating film systems you get a warm floor in no time, while minimum energy is being used.

One more reason to use underfloor heating film is because it is an eco friendly alternative for heating your household, thanks to the minimal amount of electromagnetic waves which reduce issues with charcoal. This means that this heating system emits low levels of carbon.

On the plus side, with underfloor heating film systems you will never have issues with widespread bacterial growth, sick house syndromes or odours, thanks to the fact that this system does not produce any far-infrared radiation or anion. Yet another perk is that this system does not use any flame, meaning that you will never have to deal with dust, carbon monoxide or noise.

Last but not least, you must keep in mind that underfloor heating film systems are quite simple to manage. The system requires minimal maintenance and is almost indestructible, meaning that you would hardly ever have to replace it. Bearing in mind that the energy bills for using this type of heating systems are rather small, this may be one of the most cost-effective solutions for heating your place!

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