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Many people believe that a furnace is broken once it stops performing its primary function. However, mechanical failure is not the only thing that makes a furnace unable to operate. There are numerous subtle indicators which allude to the fact that something is wrong with the furnace system and as soon as it gets checked, the bigger the chances for its repair. Read through the rest of this text in order to find out about the symptoms which point out that a check-up performed by a professional HVAC technician is necessary.

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Unusual Noises

One of the indicators which point out to the fact that something is wrong with a furnace is the appearance of noises which did not use to be heard before in the furnace’s operation. Even though, every furnace makes some kind of a noise and is not entirely silent, groaning, whining and banging noises are a clear sign that something is wrong. They may occur due to several problems, such as loose belt, igniting problem, or issues with a particular part which is becoming worn out and may break.

Thermostat Issues

Many people seem to ignore the fact when the optimal temperature they usually set their thermostats to starts gradually increasing. This is not a normal phenomena and alludes that something is creating this problem. In most cases, this occurs due to problems with the furnace system, such as faulty thermostat, leaky ductwork, or intermittent pilot ignition system.

Higher Energy Bills

This is a clear sign that you need to call your HVAC service provider and ask for a check-up, before your energy bill hits the roof. This occurs mostly because of clogged air filters, issues with the fan, leaky ducts, or similar issues with your furnace system, which make it function inefficiently, thus making you constantly increase the thermostat setting in order to heat your place. Therefore, the energy bill constantly increases.

Pilot Light

Yellow pilot light points out to a serious problem, such as the presence of carbon monoxide. Optimally, the flame should be blue, as is the case with normal gas mixture. Yellow flame, on the other hand, indicates that something is wrong. It is high time you called your technician in case you already haven’t.

Issues Starting Or Staying On

If you notice that your unit has a hard time kicking on, or it does start but fails to stay on, you need to have it checked before it’s too late. It can be due to faulty wiring, pilot light ignition problem, broken thermostat, or issues with the fan motor. Before you make any decisions on your own, have a professional diagnose the issue for you. As with the rest of the issues on this list, unless you address this problem on time, it will eventually lead to a complete breakdown.

Many people believe that buying a furnace is sufficient for keeping their homes warm. However, this belief turns out to be untrue, as the first issues with the furnace start being experienced. What you need to keep in mind is that it is unquestionably necessary to regularly maintain your furnace, as well as have it periodically check-up just to make sure everything is working perfectly fine and no possible breakdown is in sight, right before the long winter starts.

There a number of things that can prevent the possible breakdown of your furnace system from occurring, some of them being listed below.

Furnace Maintenance

Furnace Maintenance Contractors Pasadena

Much like with cars, which need to be regularly check-up and properly maintained so that they function optimally, furnace systems require the same treatment. Even though this may seem as the more expensive option at first, you must keep in mind that unless you manage your system regularly, sooner or later something will go wrong and cost three times more than the regular check-up price. Keeping this in mind, you do the math!

Avoid Excessive Overuse

Keep in mind that much like all operating things, a furnace also has to be rested. You should avoid using it all the time, not only to prevent breakdowns and repairs, but also in order to keep your energy bill in optimal limits. If you are unsure about what the recommended limits for usage are, you can talk to a technician who can answer all of your questions.

Determine There Is An Issue

Before you grab your phone and call a technician for a repair, make sure that you are facing an actual problem that requires professional attention. It might be some minor thing that you can fix by yourself; for instance, if your pilot light is not functioning properly, make sure that you keep it safe from debris and dust. However, if you are certain that you are facing a more serious problem, such as the ones listed above, make sure to call for professional help!

Final Words

Keep in mind that issues have their way of occurring in the most unfortunate of times, especially in the case of furnaces. It’s the middle of winter, the days are unbearably cold and your furnace decides to stop function. In order to get out of this nightmare, call HVAC Xperts Pasadena to fix any furnace problems for you in record time! Or simply, just have a regular check-up before the start of winter.

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