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Few things are worse than having your heating system cut out on you in the middle of a cold winter day, when temperatures are in the single digits. Of course if this should happen to you, we are never more than a phone call away.

Whether you need to upgrade an existing system, or have your existing appliance serviced, call us for a free inspection. Our technicians can accurately determine the status of your heater and advice you of any worn out parts that may need replacement.

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When you need to upgrade or replace an existing system you have a lot of options to chose from. In fact sometimes choosing the perfect HVAC unit can seem overwhelming. As you can imagine there are a few factors to take into account when you decide to have a new heating and cooling unit installed.

What To Consider When Installing A New Heating Unit

  • The Area To Be Heated - For smaller properties a simple room heater might be enough, but if you have a mid-sized to large area to heat, a central heating system is your best option.
  • Ductless or Ducted System - A ductless system will allow you to set the temperature for each room individually, while a ducted system heats all rooms at the same temperature. Installation costs are also different between the 2 systems.
  • Climate - Local weather and your physical location play a big role in what type of unit will work best for you.A unit that might be perfectly acceptable in Pasadena, may not be the best option for someone living more up North for example.
  • Electric, Gas or Oil - Gas, Electric and Oil systems each have their own pros and cons. Of course natural gas needs to be available in your area to have this option.

HVAC Xpert staff are perfectly capable and willing to help you select a unit that best fits your lifestyle and circumstances.

Heating Repair

If you have a newer heating unit that is on the fritz, you will want to call our customer service desk for an appointment. In most situations we can someone out on the same day to inspect and repair your heating unit. HVAC Xpert staff carry the most common replacement parts with them, which means that most jobs can be finished without a second visit or the need to order parts from the manufacturer.

After any repair work our technicians will test and calibrate your heater so ensure it is running at peak performance and efficiency.

If you notice any of the following issues, dirty filters, wear and tear, unexpected breakdowns, faulty thermostat, no heat, insufficient heat, nonstop cycling, blower not turning off or rumbling, squeaking or rattling in your system, it's time to call one of our HVAC Xpert technicians in Pasadena.

Furnace Maintenance

Most people wait till the weather gets cold and uncomfortable before calling a furnace maintenance company. This isn't too smart because autumn is usually the busiest season for furnace repairs.

It's a simple deal. If you take good care of your furnace and have it inspected and maintained regularly, it will keep you comfortable on the coldest winter night. Regular furnace maintenance pays off in a big way and it should be an important part of your yearly maintenance items.

Whatever fuel source your appliance uses, it's always imperative to check the burners. Too much root and soot can cause burners to work inefficiently and even to carbon monoxide buildup. Even at low levels carbon monoxide buildup can have serious health consequences for you and your family. Some of the more pronounced symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include general weakness, dizziness, vomiting, pain in the chest, and flu like symptoms.

Secondary heat exchangers need to be checked or they will clog-up. This could cause a dramatic drop in the heating efficiency of your furnace. Fuel consumption will increase and lead to unnecessarily high temperatures in the venting system. This could be a potential safety hazard if the problem is not addressed immediately.

Contact us for all your heating needs and let us amaze you with our high level of service and expertise!