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Air Conditioning Maintenance Contractors Pasadena

Regardless of the fact whether you have an old window AC unit, or a split system, you need to always keep in mind that the efficiency of your unit can always be improved with regular air conditioning maintenance.

No matter whether you use it in your office or at home, regular maintenance is highly advisable so that you keep your energy bills at a minimum.

This can be done with routine cleaning, or, in case you cannot perform it by yourself, assistance of a local hvac maintenance contractor.

What You Can Do Yourself

First thing on the list is to regularly change or clean the filter of the unit. Nothing raises the load on the motor fan, which leads to increasing energy bills, like a dirty filter does. What is more, it also decreases the air flow amount, making the unit operate for a longer period. Gradually over time, your bills can become noticeable higher, in comparison, replacing a filter on time is a very cheap and simple solution.

Once we settled the basic things, we need to proceed to the more complex tasks. Make sure to inspect the outside of your unit thoroughly. Something to bear in mind is that no objects should be placed in the near range of the unit, so its function can be at optimal level.

It is also advisable not to place your unit near a window or a door, so that it won't have to be cleaned of outside debris, such as dirt, grass and leaves. However, in case you did not know about this when you were having your AC unit placed, do make sure to give it proper and regular cleaning so it won't affect its function.

In case you take all routine matters and your system still has trouble producing good-quality cool air, then it's high time that you call a professional to have your system checked. The first thing that may be causing this issue is insufficient coolant level, which needs to be refilled. An experienced technician would also make sure that there are no leaks within the system so that no future problems occur.

All of the previously mentioned steps should provide you with a stable and energy efficient AC unit that can last an entire season without unwanted malfunctions. You can enjoy summer to the fullest potential without fearing that your AC unit will stop running in the least appropriate of times.

Ducted Air Conditioning Maintenance For Homeowners

Ducted AC units require special maintenance. However, there are several things that you would like to keep in mind for making them run at full capacity. HVAC Xpert will take care of all air conditioning maintenance projects in Pasadena CA.

The one part that needs to be cleaned regularly - or at least once in half a year, is the return air grille. Some units even display a message on their screens every 6 months in order to notify the owner that it's cleaning time.

In order to take the grille out so that you can clean the filter, you need to either turn a screw or pull the clips back, depending on the type of system you have. You can use vacuum or soapy water in order to clean the filter, with or without removing it from the unit. Remember not to dry the filter in the sun, unless you want it to warp.

Once you clean the filter, you probably won't have to do it again for another 6 months. Still, do keep in mind that if some unusual signs start appearing, maybe you'll have to clean it sooner. Some of the signs which allude to a dirty filter are unusual noises and less cooling or heating capacity than usual.

As for the outside of the AC unit you will have to apply any special maintenance. Water is supposed to drip from the drains and this means that the unit is running properly. You might want to wipe the outside of the system or apply a spray or film so as to prevent rust. However, before making such moves you need to check if that's advisable with the manufacturer.

This is all the info you need in order to have your AC system run at full performance. Another precautionary advice is to have your system checked & maintained by a professional every year just to make sure everything's working in perfect order.