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Air Conditioning Installation

When you decide to install a new air conditioning system you're faced with a few options. One of the options you have to consider is wether you want a ducted or a ductless system.

Basically it is the same question as; do you want to install a Split Unit or a Central Air Conditioning System?

They both have their pros and cons. In the next few lines, I'll try to clarify so you can have a better idea, which type unit would suit you best.

Installing Ducted Or Central AC Unit

Some homeowners dismiss the idea of a ducted system, mistakenly believing it to be an eyesore. But there really is not need to worry about the placement as it could be placed almost anywhere on your property. One of the major benefits of a central system is that all rooms within your property are heated evenly.

It is usually best to install a ducted or central air conditioning system when you need to control the temperature of a large area evenly. But this doesn't mean that you lose full control over individual areas. You will still be able to control the temperature of individual rooms, by opening or closing the vents.

Ducted Unit Installation Costs

The cost of installing a central air conditioning system is not high at all when it's done by honest and experienced air conditioner contractors like HVAC Xpert. If you have existing duct-work the project completion time and cost are reduced considerably.

But even if ductwork is required an experienced contractor can add it quickly, efficiently and at fairly low cost by retrofitting. Ducts don't need to be conspicuous either, they can be placed in attics, behind walls and in other hidden areas with frugal and precision workmanship.

Ductless AC Or Split Unit Installation

In recent years ductless air conditioner have been gaining a lot of popularity among homeowners. If you want to save money on your monthly energy bills, or remodel an older building with no space for air ducts a ductless system is the way to go.

Mini Split System Energy Savings

The ability to control the temperatures in each room individually is one of the major selling points of a mini split system. Another energy saving aspect of a ductless or mini split air conditioning system is the absence of duct loss. Duct loss is when you lose part of your cooling while the air is moving through the ducts. With a mini split air conditioning unit there are no ducts, so there is no loss of energy.

Air Conditioning Installation - Hire HVAC Xpert To Ensure Safety

Finding a trustworthy HVAC company in Pasadena CA. is not always easy. Your air conditioner is what keeps your home comfortable during the hottest summer days. So you will want it installed by a contractor who knows what they're doing.